Winter is coming

“Winter is coming”

The evening’s are darkening quicker and the morning’s are darker for longer. Some of us who are working the early starts and the late finishes will hardly see the daylight, meal prep will certainly come in handy!

Macro Meals UK new curry dishes are for the people who need that warm winter meal for when they get in from a long day at work or for the cold days when you need something that will warm you up at lunch time.

There will be two curry options, ‘The protein packed Macro curry’ & ‘The protein packed Macro vegan curry’. I’m excited for you all to try these dishes as they are going to be bursting with flavour.

There is a reason we are the best meal prep company in the UK and that is because we are always trying to evolve our menu to fit our customers to the best we can.

Did you know on average it takes 45 minutes to cook dinner, it takes a further 11 minutes to wash and clean up, not to mention the time taken to find and pay for your food at your local supermarket, why not meal prep?

We aren’t here to take your money, we are here to give you back the extra 56 minutes of your evening you deserve after a long hard day at work.

So what are you waiting for, use our meal prep delivery service today!

Order yours now and receive a free taster of our curry- *only applies for orders made for the 23rd of October.