We have so many fridges and freezers we can start our own mortuary

STRAP IN…. IT IS A LONG BUT FUNNY ONE! Parental Guidance advised! 

SO….. last week I promised I would write about MMUK’s journey to date…. the up’s and the downs! The stress… the good times! You catch my drift!

DAY 1…. I am sat on a beach drinking a cheaky drink with my now wife…. 5 more later I was sat there thinking I need to do something to find a way help people and be my own boss! I was working for the RFU at the time… loved it and hated it all at the same time. 2 more drinks…. and the idea of MMUK was born. As soon as we got home I started the process of forming my own company. Such an exciting time!

MMUK launched in August 2016 from my tiny one and a half bedroom flat in Gloucester… things were new… but I saw this as an adventure and a way I could help my family and friends eat well.

So one of the first customers MMUK had was for a local gym…… Funny Story…… 50 meals… (easy numbers, but on your own in a kitchen the size of a dog cage…. challenging), my flat mate at the time was writing PT plans for his clients on his macbook….. BOOOOM POWERCUT! I had so many pots and pans on the go I tripped the ENTIRE BLOCK OF FLATS! Funny now… but when you got BT knocking on your door asking questions…. The drunk angry Polish man next door neighbour up in your face because he cant watch the TV!

So, we started helping lots of people with tasty and nutritious food delivered to the door…. after the power cut incident…. It was very apparent that I needed a bigger kitchen… we moved to my local rugby club…. great partnership… it was perfect at the time. Until they doubled the rent after 4 months! Yea not cool! I was cooking in that kitchen 2 days a week… the rent was £350 a month… they doubled it to £700 pm! I am a fair and honest man… and when I feel that I a being taken for a ride then I will ask questions and FRANK THE TANK comes to play.

So we moved kitchens to a local Nursery…. lovely little kitchen with a beautiful oven which had 6 burners! Efficiency was on point….. Until said Nursery had to close down… How nursery’s can make money these days, I don’t know!

We then moved to our first commercial kitchen in Cheltenham which had all the commercial equipment… it was the one! It also had a office for me…. oh by this point I had appointed 2 members of staff to help. We went from 50 meals a week to 400. That growth and numbers at the time was crazy!

We were at this new place for a year…. our numbers had grown from 400 meals a week to 800! Pretty cool! Our staff had also grown… from 3 to 6!

Everything was hunky dory…. until the landlord walks in with a white letter asking us to move out in a month as they want the kitchen back…. SH*T…. WA*K…. BO*LO*KS… MY LIFE…. MMUK IS DONE!!

What was I to do… I had a team of staff who had mortgages to pay… children to provide for…. customers who relied on our amazing food!

When life throws you lemons… you make lemonade!


I was in deep… why not go deeper! I decided to make my own bespoke Meal Prep Production Facility! We had two months to make this happen! I found a fantastic 1000 sq ft commercial unit… it was a blank canvas…. but it had potential! I called the bank and we had the funds in the account the following day! They have been great and supported MMUK from day 1, I am sure ill be needing them again when we go global!

We worked around the clock and we pulled on every favour and friend to help….. ‘hey buddy…. you know those free meals i gave you for free ages ago…. well…. fancy painting a ceiling and helping me install an oven??’ Yea those kind of favours! HAHAHA! Its amazing who you find out who your real mates are! At the time were still operating and cooking meals in our old kitchen whilst building our new place. I was working AROUND THE CLOCK… bricky… labourer…. decorator… director… chef… I was pulling 18 hour days…. not to mention planning a wedding! I am lucky my Mum and now wife had my back and believed in me 100%… a lot of people didn’t…. I say Fu*K em! My mum was brilliant and helped my vision become reality!

So we were in deep…REAL DEEP! We turned this old fabrication and welding unit into a fully functioning Commercial Kitchen with all the commercial kitchen equipment you can imagine! Its the Chien’s NUTS! We have so many fridges and freezers we can start our own mortuary! Our oven is the nuts and has this amazing overnight setting where you can slow cook meat so its super tender and tasty! It all also cleans itself!

We have been here for some months now and we are going from strength to strength, we have 2 full time salaried staff…. 4 part time staff….. and we produce almost 2000 meals a week. From 50… to 2000 in just two years.  www.proudmoment.com!

We get offers every day from big companies to buy us… but we turn them down… we will always stay true to who we are… and will always continue to help. I believe our meals are the best and our customer service is the best! We can always improve and we will because we want to be better and the best!!!! Trust me, there has been some steep learning curves… and there will always be more…. but we always react well to them.

MMUK has positioned itself as the leading Meal Prep Company in the UK…. I AM FU*KI*G PROUD! (sorry mum for the language)

Now…. I have learnt a lot from the meal prep game… Its hard… when you ship all over the UK… MARGINS ARE EVERYTHING….. Don’t sell yourself short… know and believe in the value of your product. Too cheap and people expect dog food… too expensive then no one will buy from you.

Told you it was a long one!

I must say thank you so much for everyone who believed in us from day 1 and continue help support the growth of Macro Meals. The key to a successful business is to offer value every effffing day and LOVE WHAT YOU DO!