Too Scared To Meal Prep?

Are you mislead when it comes to meal prep?

Do you read all the negative comments on healthy meal prep and think that’s it?

Does it say how it takes up too much time, it’s stressful, you have to have the same meals constantly, unsure what to cook for the seven days and the afternoons at the supermarket become overwhelming?

Healthy meal prep is more popular now than it has ever been. Whether prepping your own meals or taking advantage of a delivery service. Meal prepping is not to be doomed on, if anything it is an effective way for you to save time and money.


We all know how valuable our time can be, especially if you have had a long day at work, need to fit a workout in and make yourself a healthy dinner to refuel you. This is a prime example of how meal prep can really benefit you and fit in to your day.

I mean, if you are starting from scratch with your Grandma’s secret recipe for a curry than yes I might agree with you that it would take a lot of time. However, if you are more sensible with your meal plan, going in open minded with the right amount of structure that will get you on the right track. Even if this doesn’t suit your lifestyle and you are still struggling for time, then that’s what Macro Meals are here for.


How many times have you been shopping, dragged yourself down every isle picking up whatever you think looks nice or maybe even on special offer and end up spending triple what you were suppose to spend? Don’t worry we are all guilty of it.

So what if you go shopping with a plan, a plan of all the things you are going to make and what ingredients you need for each. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but I can promise you, those dreaded shopping trips will become shorter, less frequent and much more cost efficient.

Same Meals For Seven Days

This is another common misconception about meal prep. No one wants to have the same meal prep for seven days, we all know it gets boring. The possibilities are endless for healthy meal prep, if your meals consist of the right fundamental building blocks for a balanced diet, you will soon realise the variety you can have when prepping.

Check out our Pick & Mix menu, you tell us what protein, carbs and veg you want and we delivery straight to your door the next day, it’s that simple.

Planning Your Meals For a Week

Most people’s mindset when they think of meal prepping is how strict it can be, starts to feel like a chore, you are having to eat that same meal but not having enough time to actually make meals for the entire week.

This isn’t the case. You might have a busy start to the week, lets say Monday- Wednesday you don’t have time to make any food prep to take to work, that’s where we come into play. Breakfast oat pots for breakfast on the go, Lunch options for you just to throw in the microwave at work and we have even just launched a Macro curry to spice up yours options.

Right there is Monday-Wednesday sorted! For the rest of the week you have time for breakfast, you lunch is prepped and for dinner you even have time to make your Grandma’s secret recipe curry because you saved time in the week not worrying about meal prepping.

However, if this doesn’t fit your lifestyle and you still can’t find the time to meal prep then Macro Meals are here for you. We are here to make sure you hit all your dietary requirements and reach that end goal.