The Best Workout For The Best Fat Loss Results

Fat Loss Is Easy Mate, Just Do This!!

I am sure you have had someone in the gym giving you advise on what exercises are best for fat loss, this long list may include:

  • Fasted Cardio
  • LISS (low intensity steady state)
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Circuit Training
  • High Rep Training
  • Get on these fat stripper pills! (BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY)

The list goes on, and you know what? The best exercise for fat loss is the one you enjoy the most and can adhere to! Check out one of our earlier blogs which gives you all the best exercises for a toned look!

You should all know by now that fat loss only occurs when you are in a caloric deficit, in essence move more and eat less, you cannot defy the laws of thermodynamics! While you are here educate yourself on macronutrients and there caloric values

Simple Right?

For some yes but for most of us it’s very difficult to kick our bad habits into touch, we will look for the easiest option and put our efforts into a solution which offers very little return or bang for your buck! Does this sound like you? Hours on the treadmill? High reps? Fasted Cardio before work? Don’t worry there are plenty of people in your boat and we are here to help educate you, we should work smart and not hard!

Let me, let you in on a little secret, you don’t actually need a gym to see fat loss? All you need is a ‘calorie fu**ing deficit! Get your calories in check and fat loss will happen. Check out our ‘weight loss‘ package for the best meal plan for your goal.

Start now! Start tracking what you eat, you will be amazed how many calories you actually eat and drink, YES DRINK! Did you know a can of coke contains 140 calories? You can have a can of diet coke for 0 calories! Try not to drink your calories, this is a blog for another day!

How Do I Track My Calories?

Download ‘My Fitness Pal‘ and you will never look back again. For some people will see counting calories as time consuming and pointless but you know what? By not counting calories this has served most the population terribly! Give it a go and educate yourself so one day you won’t need to use ‘MFP’! Every Macro Meal comes with its own bespoke label with its calorie and macro breakdown on it so you track what you eat.