Do you need to calorie count to loose fat?


If anyone tells you otherwise then they are trying to sell you a cook book or one of the new latest cleanse’s!

CALORIE DEFICIT OVER TIME IS THE ONLY WAY to loose weight and for fat loss. the latest juice cleanse, Cambridge diet, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting all create a calorie deficit. There is nothing magical about them. You have swapped hyper caloric foods for nutrient dense foods to help aid fat loss.

So, why do we need to count calories? 1, its more sustainable as apposed to sticking to a ‘Diet’ and you can eat the foods you enjoy. A life without carbs sucks! We also learn to understand that we can actually eat the foods we really enjoy without the guilt! Check out this blog to help you understand the process…

Let me make it easier for you to understand…. lets look at it like money!

If we save (eat) to much and don’t spend (move) enough then we will have excess calories in the bank and it will get stored as fat. So my message to you is to get spending and put the cookie down!

Fat loss is an vs out issue, thermodynamics, excessive calories get stored as fat. It doesn’t matter where these calories come from. Just hit your calories daily, and if you exercise make sure you hit your protein allowance. Don’t stress yourself about carbs or fats!  In most cases we know that so called ‘naughty’ foods are usually high in calories as apposed to ‘healthy’ foods, spend your calories wisely!

The best diet is the one you can adhere to! So why not count calories and take guess work out dieting? It may even educate you on calories and fat loss!

Get Started today!