Macro Meals Feed The Homeless This Christmas!

We have decided to make feeding the homeless every Christmas a Macro tradition, we did it last year and we will do it again this year!

With colder days and nights without shelter, the homeless struggle to keep warm, safe and fed as they watch others walk the streets with loved ones, celebrating the Christmas holidays. It’s a difficult time for many that can be made better with a warm, tasty and nutritious Macro Meal.

Every Friday throughout December we will feed the homeless of Gloucester. 

It is so important to remain humble and know that you are only a couple of bad decisions away from potentially loosing everything.

Why don’t you do something this year to help someone struggling? Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? How would you feel? I know we are all busy, but helping someone in need is a great feeling!

Show some support and love this Christmas!