Is sugar to blame for why we are FAT?

There are so many fitness/health experts/influencers out there claiming that sugar is to blame for the obesity epidemic. They claim that sugar makes us fat!

Let me clarify one thing straight away, sugar is not to blame! Too many calories are the fundamental reason obesity levels are at an all-time high and are continuing to rise!

We live in a hypercaloric age where calories are everywhere and without any effort, we can consume 1000’s of calories without having to work for it…. Mobile phone apps to order your favorite takeaways! We have traded nutrient dense foods for quick and easy foods that have no nutritional value that put us in a caloric surplus! If you combine this without any exercise, well guess what? You are going to get FAT!

Research studies show that overall calorie intake will have an impact on your weight. Energy balance contributes to body composition, In vs Out! It does not matter where your calories come from, carbs, fats or protein! It is about the number of calories that you consume! This is why our weight loss meals are beautifully balanced for your goals!

Let me put it in a simple format so you can understand!

When you take your dog Brucey to the vet and he tells you that he is overweight, what does the vet tell you to do? Put less food in his bowl and take him out for an extra walk! It is the same for humans! We are now increasing Bruce’s total daily calorie burn and reducing the amount of food he is eating, creating a CALORIE DEFICIT! Which is the key to FAT LOSS, check out this blog for further understanding if your job requires you to sit all day!

If sugar was so addictive like these ‘experts’ claim then you would be reaching for a bag of silver spoon and eating a bag of sugar! Come off it guys, don’t be stupid and continue to put money in these guys pockets! You eat cookies and cakes because they are nice and you enjoy them, you can still have your cake and eat it. Just in moderation!

These experts are comparing sugar to cocaine! What has the world come to!

I could go on forever, but please use your brains! In vs Out! Energy Balance!