How to loose FAT!

Tried all the ‘diet fads’ and ‘quick fixes’ on the market? Feel out of pocket without the amazing results you wished for?

Losing fat is actually really simple! CALORIE DEFICIT over a period of TIME! You need to be eating less calories than you burn! Its that simple, but why do people always struggle?

People struggle because they are always looking for next quick fix, listen to poor advice and have a bad relationship/understanding with food.  Its simple, if your dog is overweight you do not feed the little man more food, you reduce the amount of food that goes into his dog bowl. Funny enough its the same with humans!

Here are the Macro quick tips to help you ensure you are in a CALORIE DEFICIT!

  1. Download ‘my fitness pal’
  2. Use MFP to track what goes in your mouth and see how many calories you are really eating BE HONEST!
  3.  After a week of tracking your calories, reduce your calories.
  4. Eat foods high in volume, lots of vegetables will keep you fuller for longer without the calories.
  5. Look at your daily calories as your bank balance, you spend to much then you wont have any calories left at the end of the day.
  6. Calories and Protein intake are most important, Fats & Carbs are not a priority.

How Macro Meals can you help you with FAT LOSS?

  1. All our meals have a calorie and macro breakdown on them so you can track what you eat throughout the day.
  2. Having prepped meals means you will not make bad food choices when you are hungry.
  3. You can design your own meals to suit you or we can design them to fit in with your goals.
  4. Consistency is key!

So, do not be sucked in with these quick fixes, they DO NOT EXCIST AND ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE. They are a money making scam! A CALORIE EFFING DEFICIT will give you the sustainable results you are looking for!

If you want any advice on Fat Loss that is bespoke to you then please get in touch with the team.