How to eat healthy without getting bored

Has that ‘new year, new me’ motto starting to wear off? Are you sick of that healthy new diet you have just started and all you are gravitating towards is unhealthy foods, that my friend is January in one.

Let’s not let the word ‘healthy food’ be so scary, or exhausting.

Simple changes to your eating habits can make such a difference.

Keeping it varied, eat foods you like because you are more likely to stick to them if you do. Don’t restrict yourself on what foods you can and can’t have because of an Instagram post or someone at the gym told you to (they probably saw the same Instagram post).

Tracking your calories is so easy and so effective, it allows you to understand the calories you are consuming which in turn will help you see foods differently and will stop you from demonising food groups.

Don’t have the same meals for five days straight if you don’t even like having them for even two days, you are just setting yourself out to fail. Change it up, one morning have turkey bacon with your eggs (Turkey bacon less calories than normal bacon), or add more exciting fruit to your yoghurt and some honey to sweeten it up.

At macro meals we have a fantastic range of overnight oat pots, which are beautifully balanced to help you start your day the right way.

Change up your lunches and dinners, we offer a variety of meal packages specific to your goals, with hundreds of healthy combinations to choose from.

Don’t make healthy eating a chore, make it a good habit.