How to develop a healthy fat loss meal plan?


It can be very hard and confusing deciding where to start when implementing a healthy meal plan strategy that will help you lose weight to reveal your beach body in time for summer.

They key to ensuring your meal plan meets your fat loss requirements is you must implement calorie targets that are in line with your goals. Fat loss only occurs when you create a calorie deficit, you can create this deficit through exercise or food.

We recommend getting your diet and nutrition in order first, most people tend to fail with this and overeat without actually realising. CALORIES ARE KING!

Now you are motivated to get in shape you must make sure your fridges and cupboards are stocked with healthy and nutritious foods that you enjoy.

When deciding what ingredients will be in your delicious meal plan you must make sure you prepare your shopping list that will include balanced and healthy ingredients such as sweet potatoes and chicken breast.

It is very important you choose a high protein diet with a variety of protein sources, this will help with muscle repair and keep you fuller for longer curbing those hunger cravings.


Check out our weekly shopping list that you can use to help with your weight loss journey, quantities will depend on how many you are cooking for:


Carbohydrate list

Brown Rice

Sweet Potatoes

Baby New Potatoes


Protein List

Chicken Breast

Turkey Mince

Salmon Fillets

Lean Beef Mince

Vegetables List (Fresh/Frozen )

Broccoli Florets

Green Beans







1 Calorie cooking spray

Reduced Sugar tomato ketchup

Chopped tomatoes

All purpose seasoning

Salt & Pepper

Reduced salt soy sauce

Mixed Herbs

Italian Seasoning

Snacks & Deserts

Chocolate Rice Cakes

10 Calorie Jelly

Fibre 1 bars

Pop chips

Halo Top ice cream

Cost: £72.64p

Effort & Testing

We sent a member of the Macro team to pick up everything on this list from her local supermarket. She used these ingredients to plan and prepare her meals for the week. Our chef then gave her some amazing recipes to help with meal ideas, here’s what she said:

“ When I normally go to the supermarket I tend to wing it and buy on impulse or hunger, following this list made it really easy when browsing the aisles. After finishing work the last thing I wanted to do was go to a supermarket, but my partner and I needed to eat! Neil, our chef gave me some great recipes to help when prepping our meals.

I won’t lie, at the start of the week I loved prepping and cooking our meals, however towards the end of the week we simply didn’t have enough time and I couldn’t be bothered to cook. When we thought about it, by the time we have completed our food shop, cooked and eaten we lost an entire evening. It’s easy to see why most diets fail!

I can see the benefit of using a meal prep company like Macro Meals, it stops this from happening and because my meals are already prepared we can stay on track. Normally we would have to prepare a shopping list, go to the shop, cook and then wash up. All of this takes time, time we could use doing something I actually enjoy.”

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Does Meal Prep Hold The Key?

Creating and sticking to a healthy meal plan can be difficult because it takes valuable time and effort. However eating healthy can still be effortless, using a meal prep company who prepare all your meals for you could be your answer.

If you like most of us, are busy with work, family and friends then don’t knock meal prep until you have experienced the value Macro Meals can offer you. Food always tastes better when it is cooked for you!  

With the choice of designing your own meals you are sure to find something you like, take back those evenings spent slaving away in the kitchen and do the things you really enjoy. Leave the meal prep to the professionals and let us save you valuable time!