Did you get fat over Christmas?

If you did not get fat over Christmas, then you are doing something VERY wrong! Christmas is that one time of the year where we can indulge and not be judged! The reason we get fat is because we eat in a calorie surplus over time!

A few days of overeating and drinking is not going to derail you or undo all those months of hard work. Relax and get back into the swing of things!

I am not big into new years resolutions, but if there is one thing I beg you to start doing is to track what goes into your mouth using My Fitness Pal. It is not that hard to track what goes in your mouth! Energy balance is what we are trying to fix here, in vs out!

Fasted cardio, juice diet’s, keto, cleanses or what ever new fad is on the market are not going to get you that dream body! It will confuse and warp your understanding of ‘health’ and your weight will be up and down like a fuc*ing yoyo! The reason we go to the gym and eat well is to be healthy and to look good naked! Let’s face it, stop kidding yourself!

Dowload my fitness pal, DO IT! TAKE ACTION!

So from us all at MMUK, we hope you had the best Christmas and we hope you have a great 2018!