Do Calories Matter For Fat Loss?

Now thats a silly question isn’t it! Let me explain!

Fundamentals of fat loss are… creating an energy deficit. You can do this by increasing your NEAT or restricting calories.

If Sally needed 2000 calories to maintain her weight… by reducing her weekly NET calories buy 10% then she will be in a healthy calorie deficit. Sally will loose Fat.

The diet and fitness industry is full of charlatans that will keep you at arms length from the principles of fat loss so they can keep making money from you. Diet fads, detox cleanses etc!

Let me tell you, this is all a disguise…. all of the methods used all fall down to one thing! Let me tell you… CALORIE DEFICIT! Keto, IF, Cambridge…. they all work by creating a calorie deficit.

Carbs don’t make you fat… too many calories make you fat!

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Keeping it simple today, don’t be a moron & educate yourself!

We get daily emails asking us what meals are best to loose weight… our response is always all of them are perfect. It just depends on your caloric needs. Why wouldn’t you use the best meal prep company in the UK?

Thanks for tuning in!