Diet Like Liam Neeson


It is front page news and trending all over social media, you may be unaware what the Taken star, Liam Neeson has done to spark such controversy and hype.

What Happened To Liam Neeson?

Liam Neeson discovered someone close to him had been raped many years ago had made him want to take out his anger on a random black person.

He went onto say that he did not go through with any violence and expressed regret that he had reacted in such a “horrible” way.

Liam Neeson gave one of the most explosive and arguably potentially career-ending interviews when he told a journalist he wanted to murder a black person, after someone close to him was raped.

Learning Without The Cosh!

There is so much learning we can take from his actions especially when it comes to dieting and reaching your fitness goals. You may be thinking how on earth does this relate to my fat loss goals!? Lets start by thinking about his mindset when he decided to take immediate action!

We are so easy to find a quick solution to a problem without really thinking abut its consequences. We can apply this to all aspects in life, business and health.

I am sure Liam Neeson did not sit back and think about his actions, before potentially ruining everything he has worked so hard to build.

Have you ever pounced on the latest diet ‘fad’ because it has promised you a solution to a problem you are desperate to fix? Don’t worry as we have all been a victim of this, it is clever marketing sucking you in.

Fat Loss Not Head Loss!

If we sit back and think logically about fat loss as a goal we should all know by now fat loss occurs when we are in calorie deficit.

We should know that ‘diet fads’ create a calorie deficit but its not a healthy, sustainable or enjoyable!

Once we know the method dieting, becomes easy. Once we take the time to think logically we realise we don’t need to restrict ‘bad’ foods to trigger fat loss, we can still have our cake and eat it!


Firstly we must make it very clear that we don’t condone Liam Neeson’s actions when he decided to take the streets with a cosh in an act of revenge. However there is certainly learning we can extract to help improve our health and fitness journey.

Liam Neeson may not have taken the time to think about his actions when he decided to take the streets to fix his problem. The two scenarios are different, but thinking logically can help the outcome of choices we make.

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