What is a cheat meal? We can explain, the macro way, the honest and sustainable way!

“Cheating” is eating more calories than you planned on eating, regardless of what you eat to get there, and/or not worrying about the nutritional content of the food.

When Macro Meals talk about a cheat meal, we are not talking about eating sugar or dairy or some other food deemed “unclean” by one guru or another.

I’m not even necessarily talking about eating something not on your meal plan.

All Macro Meals care about is calorie and micronutritional intake because when it comes to body composition, how much you eat is much more important than what you eat.

Cheating itself is not a mistake.

In fact, I think you should ‘cheat’.

It makes your diet as a whole more enjoyable and generally improves dietary compliance and thus long-term results.

That said, how you cheat matters.

For example, the biggest mistakes I see people make with cheating are…

  • Cheating too frequently.
  • Eating too much in a cheat meal.
  • Indulging in cheat days, not meals.
  • Eating too much dietary fat.
  • Drinking too much alcohol.


-Cheat once per week and  try not to exceed 150% of your current caloric intake for the day.

-Try to keep your dietary fat intake under 100 grams on the day that you cheat.

– “Save up” calories if you want to eat a lot.

– When eating out, assume the worst.

If you want to be able to drink and still lose weight efficiently…

  1. Don’t drink more than one day per week.
  2. Restrict your dietary fat intake that day.
  3. Don’t eat any high-fat foods while you’re drinking.
  4. Stay away from carb-laden drinks like beer and fruity stuff (stick to dry wines and spirits).
  5. Order From Macro Meals!

Cheating incorrectly is one of the major reasons so many people “inexplicably” can’t lose weight “no matter what they do” with their diets.

They simply don’t realise that you can basically starve yourself all week and, in one weekend, put yourself right back at square zero.

Cheat correctly, though, and you can have the best of both worlds: the satisfaction of overeating without the penalty of major fat gain.