Black Friday is soon upon us… get ready for the bombardment of emails from companies offloading useless sh*t they normally struggle to giveaway. Let me let you in on a little ‘Black Friday’ secret…

Please be aware, this will blow your mind but it will also wise you up to the marketing tricks played by these big companies trying to make a quick buck!

Black Friday Trick 1– Companies will raise the price of a product weeks/months before black Friday is due to begin. Then as soon as black Friday sales commence they slash the prices up to 70% making you the consumer think you are getting a huge saving. When actually you have paid what you normally would for a product!

Blackout trick 2– There are certain products which companies can’t sell. These products may be end of season or just utter sh*t and won’t normally make any money if sold at RRP. So what do they do? Market the product very well (make it look sexy) and slash the price. This is much better than having depreciating stock sat in a warehouse, helps with cash flow.

Don’t be a fool this Black Friday, shop wisely!

You won’t see us slash prices because we don’t over inflate the price you pay for a Macro Meal, you will always pay what it is worth.

So what will we do this Black Friday? We will do what we always do, reward our loyal customers with a 10% discount.

Discount code ‘Blackout’ for 10% discount!

Best wishes,