5 things to eat to help with fat loss

5 things to eat to help with fat loss

You can’t actually believe this, can you?

If I could name you 5 things to eat to help fat loss it would be-

  1. Air
  2. Dust
  3. More Air
  4. More dust
  5. Maybe some water to wash it down

If you ever stuck to the above five points, you would be very unhappy or probably not even around to tell the tale.

Food Groups & CFD

Foods for ‘Fat loss‘, the first thing I am going to say to you which I believe I have probably said in a previous post is don’t demonise food groups!

A constant calorie deficit over time is the only way to lose weight or fat. There are two ways to go about creating a calorie deficit and that is through nutrition or exercise.

There are no magic foods that will help you burn fat and if there are stay well away. Don’t believe these new fad diets coming out claiming to defy the laws of thermodynamics.


A good principle to stick to is an 80:20, this is 80% good foods and 20% sweet treats. Everyone knows what healthy or unhealthy foods are, typically healthy foods tend to be foods that are nutrient dense, Whereas your unhealthy foods are your hyper-palatable calorific foods. At the end of the day a calorie will always be a calorie and they all add up the same and it’s your choice which foods these calories come from.

Meet Sheila!

If Sheila’s daily calorie allowance is 2000kcal a day to maintain her weight and she decides to eat four slices of cake equating to 2050 calories, sheila will put on weight. However, if she was smart with her calories and only had one slice of cake she could fit in more nutrient dense foods that will keep her fuller for longer.

There is no magic formula, just make sure you eat the foods that you enjoy and you find a method that best suits you and your lifestyle.

At Macro Meals we truly believe that counting your daily intake of calories is the best way to stay in control and see the best results.