5 Star Food Hygiene – High Standards at the home of Meal Prep, Macro Meals HQ

To be the best meal prep service we need to ensure we set high standards. At Macro Meals UK we take pride in having a 5* rating and won’t settle for anything less.

To be the best meal prep company in the uk, our hygiene and perfection needs to be the best it has ever been. We want to and strive to blow other meal prep companies out of the water. This starts with making sure our food preparation protocols are outstanding!

We are very proud to have 5* rating however, our latest visit from the EHO something different happened..

I know you are all on the edge of your seat…

Don’t worry its a good one…

Because we produce such a high volume of food, we are now under a different category when getting rated, it’s either a pass or fail and of course we passed with flying colours!

Meal prep is becoming very popular as people now see value in saving time, what do you have to lose? Too scared to try a meal prep company? Check this blog to see the benefits Macro Meals can add to your life. Trust me you won’t regret it!

Macro Meals UK are on a mission to be the best meal prep company in the UK.

Saving you time.

Saving you Money.

So you can sit back and enjoy all the beautiful things life throws at you. Get Started today!

You choose the meals and we do the prep!

Fresh Food -Fresh Start!